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Georgiana Street Housing Co-op is a short-life housing co-op (we offer guaranteed temporary housing). We are based in Camden Town and for the last 37yrs have provided housing for single people on low incomes with few housing alternatives who are interested in taking an active role in securing the future of their homes.

We are an independent self-managed co-op registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965. We work closely with the council and other development agencies with an aim to establish ourselves as a long-life management co-op. Although we cannot guarantee housing on a long-term contract now, if Camden Council were to ask for the houses back we do have a 2yr window in which to go through the official processes and are confident that we can negotiate a long-term future for our homes.

We manage twelve four storey terrace houses in Georgiana Street housing thirty-five members in total. Each house is shared among three members; each member rents a room and shares a kitchen, living room, bathroom and garden. The houses are in a basic condition, decorating, furnishings and house bills are down to the individual households.

The Co-op is eager to reflect the local community and housing needs of this area in our membership. We have always had an Equal opportunities policy so that people living in the co-op come from a variety of ethnic, class and cultural backgrounds. At present people living in the co-op range from age 1 to 60+.

The co-op has a strong sense of community and all our members are expected to participate in the running of the co-op since the successful long term management of the co-op depends on their input.